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DVDFab Set Top Box
« on: January 16, 2013, 12:54:32 AM »
Well it seems DVDFab has released a Set Top Box Media PLayer called Set Top Box Below you can read the Overview: Set-Top Box, magically enriches your TV life, and creates a super home entertainment center for you. Set-Top Box turns your regular TV into a smart TV. It categorizes videos into different groups, provides loads of video, music and picture add-ons for download, and supports 1080p video playback on your HD TV.

The set-top box is also a hard drive player. It can read and play DVD/Blu-ray ISO files and movie folders on the connected external drives. It can also read a SD card. And can be linked with your stereo for a wonderful audio output.

With this box, you can view weather forecast, browse pictures, enjoy music, and watch videos. And all of these can be controlled in an easy and cozy way with a controller (in package). Just sit on your couch and have fun.

1 x adapter (US/EU type), 1 x controller, 1 x 1.5m HDMI cable, 1 x 4G SD card

*Internet connection is required for weather forecast, add-on download, online video playback, and version update.

*Upgrade to the latest version when prompted to.

*This set-top box shall be sent out in early February.

*Free delivery for users in any corner of the world.


Play DVD & Blu-ray movies from external hard drive

This box functions as a hard drive player when connected with external hard drive via its built-in USB 2.0 ports (3 ports available), which can play DVD and Blu-ray ISO files and folders on the drive.

Categorize videos into groups

This set-top box manages videos automatically based on their types, and categorizes them into different groups. Everything is so neat that you can pick up your favorite ones any time with ease.

Present detailed info about online video while playback

While playing online video, this box will automatically collect online info of the video, such as posters, plots, directors, actors, etc, and present them to viewers correctly in detail.

Support 1080p HD video

This set-top box fully supports HD video, from 720p to 1080i/p. Great visual effect will be displayed on your large screen HD TV, just enjoy.

Loads of add-ons available for download Set-Top Box provides loads of video, music and picture add-ons for download with internet connection. This will largely enrich your TV life.

Build your super home entertainment center yourself

You can build your own super home entertainment center all by yourself with this box. Just download add-ons for more audiovisual fun wire it with your HDTV via the patched HDMI cord or via Wi-Fi, mount external drives or other devices like smartphones to it, attach your cool stereo to it, or insert a SD card into it. It's so simple.

Internet connection for weather forecast or update

With internet connection, this box can be used to view weather forecast; and once there's a new version of system, you'll be prompt about it. Just update accordingly.

Comfortably control everything with controller

Coming along with the box, there's a controller, so that you can use it to control all operations of the box while sitting on your couch cozily.

US or EU standard adapter attached for global users

No matter you're in America or in a European country, you can get advantage of this box with the right adapter for you. There're different types from 100V to 240V, so don't worry that the box can't work in your home.

The above text is from the DVDFab website

Also I should mention that the Administrator on the DVDFab forum actually said that
The VidOn.Me is not a STB, but maybe there will be one in the lineup in the future.
the quote is from this thread on the DVDFab forum. Kinda sounds like the DVDFab forum staff have no idea what is going on

Anyway from what I read I may be getting one not sure when and I may even pick up that mini PC as well that DVDFab is selling.
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