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« on: July 27, 2015, 02:37:23 AM »
CloneBD 2015-07-24
•new: display main video bitrate on target page (note: this bitrate currently applies to the largest clip to be converted only)
•new: more bitrates available when converting to files/devices (allows for smaller files)
•new: options to convert HD audio or all audio to AC3 (sorry, no DTS yet), allowing to force stereo and select bitrates. This will help reduce overall file sizes a lot in many cases, where audio quality is of no great concern.
•change: improved transcoding speed when only compressing/converting audio
•fix: miscalculation of partial clips in estimator caused oversize results
•fix: crash in x264 encoder
•fix: deadlock in x264 encoder
•fix: all assert message boxes that freeze x264 encoder
•fix: minimum possible bitrate calculation didn't account for small resolutions in file/device mode
•fix: layout problems on target page, rearranged options in preparation for more audio options to come.
•minor fixes and improvements
•updated languages